Dr. Schilling Andreas

Research Fellow

Andreas Schilling is a PhD student at the Chair of Information Systems and Services. He graduated in Information Systems at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg and studied abroad at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. In his advanced studies he specialized in the fields of “Information Systems and Services”, “Systems Engineering” and “Practical Computer Science”.

For his PhD Andreas conceives a new way how to recruit new developers for Free/ Libre/ Open Source Software (FLOSS) – projects. Part of his new approach is the transfer of concepts such as “Active Sourcing” from personal management and “Target Advertising” from marketing to FLOSS-development.

Research interests:

- Motivation of FLOSS-developers

- Social networks of FLOSS-projects

- Distributed software development

A presentation about his research approach can be found here, further details at http://andreasschilling.tumblr.com/.