Veröffentlichungen von Dr. Anna Wiesinger (geb. Anna Schroiff)


Wiesinger, A., Beimborn, D., and Weitzel, T. (2012)
How Do Planned and Actual Interaction Structures Differ in Global Outsourcing Arrangements?
In: Kotlarsky, J., Oshri, I., and Willcocks, L. P. (eds.): The Dynamics of Global Sourcing: Perspectives and Practices, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 20-38.

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How and why do actual interaction structures in global outsourcing arrangements differ from those originally planned? We use a social network perspective to analyze the structure of social interaction networks among operational staff and management of vendor and client firm in an outsourcing arrangement. We apply a case study approach to understand which interaction structures appear and whether they are in accordance with those structures formally defined in the outsourcing governance. We found that real interaction often differs from the plan and we provide theoretical explanations for understanding these deviations, thus contributing to the understanding of outsourcing governance and outsourcing relationship management.